Every time you get a feat from your character level you can get a power of your choice.
You can swap light armor prof for simple weapon.
You do non lethal damage unless specifically stated or logic says their is no way for it to be not be lethal (example throw a bus on someone or throw someone from a skyscraper)
Can use the mutation book to help flush things out

At each character level that you would gain a feat you also gain a power. This power can be any power not just associated with your class.

Also new uses for Action Points.

Once per battle you may use an action point to:

Recover wounds – roll your action point dice multiplied by your con modifier.
Recover from on going effects. Spend an action point to get a new saving throw for an ongoing effect.

You can earn action points by doing something i feel is heroic. I pull any sort of GM shenanigans. You take notes and edit the adventure logs.


Metrocity in Peril - D20 Super Hero klmall